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I've got nothing to do when I was in my room,
So I start to draw my favorite norn c: .

Strange but I never drawn my own norns that I have on creatures 1 >3<.

I hope that you like it 8D .


Made it with: Pencil and color pencils .


The Purple mountain norn is from the game Creatures 1 .


Made by Thoru/Br(c).
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norngirl Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011
Yay another PMN : D
Lovely *favs*

I too was going to draw more male ones - as I tend to allways drawing fems for the most of time ^^' *just a few pics that has males *
Naitoh Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks 8D.

from which breed ?? c: ,
& Lol .. I only like to draw the male norns because they look so cute....bute the female norns are also cute but I don't have much favorites breeds in them >3<''.
norngirl Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011
ya welcome ^^

pmn of course ;P
*points at her own made pmn fem avatar*
I have a bunch of pmn pics scattered in my gallery >: D
*and also other norns of course lol*

oh realy O.o
what about the fluffyhead fems? : D
theyre brown eyes make one melt *.*

Oh yeah - males are sweet,but I find fems easier to draw often O.o
Let see..all pmn male ones I have *digs* (cos if I gave ya a list of all my fem pmn only it would be longer ^^' )

(pmn gryph - yes it kinda counts XD )

Some males with fems:

(not so good semi old pic - will redo it)
Naitoh Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Awh ..yeah I see 8D . mean the Pixie norn?? that's how I call that norn ..
the female pixie norn is my favorite from the female types c:
I always love to couple a female pixie norn on a male purple mountain norn ^^ .

That is your choice xD , I never did draw a female Pmn O.o.

Omg omg !! so cute ^3^ must fav some .
norngirl Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011
aha : D

oh yeah - those ;P
many have different names for them c1 norns lol,
I allways call them fluffyheaded norn ^^
Oh yeah theyre sweethearts - so lovely and indeed - it makes a sweet mix with pmn : D remind me of a pic I made for a friend via Art Trade: [link] (her female norn that was fluffy x pmn )

lol I could if you like - but be warned there is many ;P
I could for a start show a few of my favs, one of them is supposed to be my first ever norn - in c1:

perhaps not pmn but I like this two:

you realy should try a fem pmn : D
and any other norn too ^-^ bet they be nice as the pmn males you do : D

and thanks so much ^.^
Naitoh Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed ^^
... But do you sometimes also have that the norn dies when it comes out of it's egg?? ...It happens to me 3 times now .

Hmm yeah..there are so many names that they give it to them xD,
and I really like how you draw the norns ..they look so cute and fluffy >w< .

Thanks x3 ,
Hmm...maybe that I can draw the female pmn if I got enough time ^^ .
norngirl Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011
ah yes - it's very sad when it happen but so is life - genetical
failure : ( My first C2 norn had that - Linda,I think her name was.She was a emerald norn (those green one) so my very first after her had to be Alice (I think I named mine,a hebbe female - brown one,not the pixie norns)

indeed - only c2 norns got official names and the c3/ds ones.
C2 -> Hebbe,Pixie,Emerald.
C3-> Bengal,Bruin,Civet O.o But no official name for the c1's >_>'

aww thank you so much - I have many norn pics around ;P
Gotta love to draw them - I never get tired drawing creatures : D

ya welcome ^^
sure ya can - I bet you do awesome job *.*
looking forward to it : D
Naitoh Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm yeah indeed :/ ..
I never played creatures 2 D8 , and I don't know if it's possible to download it or something like that >3<
Hmm I only did play creatures play ground , Creatures adventures , Creatures 1 & 3 ...and I cant' play C 3 anymore because I have a windows vista >_< .

I see o3o , strange that they didn't give the C 1 norns a official name :c .

You're welcome 8D , I've seen a lot of your drawings ..Even when I was young O.o ..I think that I was around the 12-14 years old when I've seen something ..I think that it was your website , somwhere xD .
owh yeah.. It's fun to draw them ^^
I started to draw them recently .

The only bad thing is dat I can't draw the female pmd without a pic , Cuz I never did draw one xD .
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